While clean water is the primary concern, Water and Wastewater organizations must prioritize meeting regulations and reducing costs. With solutions coming from Storm's basket like Centralized monitoring, controlling and reporting, Storm provides a crystal clear view resulting in greater safety and efficiency.

Our solutions cater to

  • Desalination
  • Water Pumping Stations
  • Water Distribution & Irrigation
  • Water Treatment Plants

We offer comprehensive range of solutions for W&WW industry viz

  • Turnkey Water Solutions
  • Automation & SCADA
  • Water Plant Optimization

Storm offers Life cycle management for water plants.

Storm offers a comprehensive portfolio of life cycle management and service solutions for water industriy - a portfolio based on extensive process and application know-how.

Our philosophy is simple: we protect your investment through the stepwise evolution and upgrading of your electrical, control and instrumentation systems to minimize the consumption of energy, prolong asset operating life, and minimize the cost of ownership.

Ranging from simple SCADA and control applications, our suite of solutions and services ranges to advanced applications like optimization, energy efficiency application etc..

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