Storm implements various value added solutions to Power industries be it Thermal, Hydel, Solar etc. Our comprehensive solutions for Electrical & Instrumentation range from

  • Consulting
  • Equipment Selection
  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
  • Prove out and commissioning

We also offer Operation & Maintenance services for running power plants.

Let it be Electrical or Instrumentation or Control applications or Turbine overhauls, Storm has complete range of solutions. Our Centre of Excellence consists pool of experts from Power domain and it is situated in Hyderabad.

Storm Energy Solutions has extensive power generation experience and has delivered state-of-the-art control systems and services to power generation facilities.Our solutions are ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of electric utilities, and industrial powerhouses.

Along with the latest in system technology, we provide advanced control solutions designed specifically for power applications that ensure the maximum reliability, availability and efficiency of every subsystem present in a power plant.

Deregulation of power distribution and flexible power contracts have turned industrial powerhouses into potential profit centers for many industrial plants. advanced control solutions are designed to reduce inefficiencies in both the generation and consumption of steam and electricity, as well as to reduce labor costs associated with running and maintaining the power house operations.

Storm's Industrial Power solutions offer a wide range of hardware applications and services designed specifically for Power plants. Plants without modern automation can benefit from the complete Industrial Power solution set. Plants with some automation or plants that have older systems nearing obsolescence, can choose the specific solution elements as required.

In a nut shell, we offer complete range of solutions for our customers in Power.

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