Multimedia alarming means real-time alarm information is delivered to you wherever you may be. Multimedia Alarming is a distributed enterprise-wide alarm notification systems. Storm uses ICONICS platform to provide multimedia alarming on various alarming media as...

Email: Receive alarm notification via standard email. Configure your alarm message to include snapshots or data files. Reply back to the alarm system to acknowledge the alarm.

Phone: By using the phone agent, your alarm and event messages will be spoken to you over the telephone. Messages are complete in their details, using both text-to-speech (to read your specific alarm messages and values) and prerecorded sound.

Marquee: Send alarm and event messages to external scrolling marquees. A software scrolling marquee permits your important messages to scroll across the screen of a PC both locally or in the network.

Fax: Stay informed of your alarms and events via Fax. Messages can be delivered to any remote fax machine. Local Annunciation: Crisp, clear messages announce specific instructions to operators over a local PA or audio speaker system, available in multiple languages.

Web: Alarm messages can be delivered using the latest Internet technologies. Receive Instant Messages or have an HTML Web page pop-up on your screen whenever a critical problem occurs

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