Storm is a leading supplier of automation solutions to the Mining, Metals & Minerals (MMM) industries with a broad application experience. Our solutions control production of Alumina, Steel, Copper, Nickel, Coal, Cement, Potash, Gold, Lead, Taconite, Uranium, Zinc and Diamonds.

Storm supports the material production business with key applications and services, including :

  • Consulting and benchmarking services
  • Plant integration systems and services
  • Advanced process control services and technologies
  • Safety systems
  • Systems to manage environmental impacts
  • Network and integration services.

Storm can provide these products and services anywhere in the world. To serve your MMM production facilities that might be in remote locations, closer to raw materials or energy sources, Storm works to provide timely, comprehensive control systems and field instrumentation support for your operations.

Storm's control philosophy is to provide a complete control system designed to operate a unit safely and efficiently over the unit's entire operating range. Storm can provide controls for the entire plant from raw material handling systems, stock houses, bell less top charging systems, stoves management systems, stoves operations, furnace cooling, coal handling etc. The exact control configuration is dependent upon the unit design, operating philosophy, and process measurements available.

Storm adds value through its process and automation expertise and OEM products. Our project management team helps customers capitalize on Storm's proven commitment to and experience in delivering long term automation improvement programs, Our solutions satisfy a broad range of requirements for integrated process and discrete/machine control, including a full range of measurement and control products, advanced applications, collaborative production management systems, and comprehensive services and support.

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