MES - Manufacturing Execution Systems - are designed to measure and control activities in the production areas of organizations to increase productivity and improve quality. The Manufacturing Execution System, is a sophisticated, highly scalable soution that delivers multiple capabilities and allows you to combine production efficiency with quality and visibility, as well as decreased time to production, ultimately resulting in higher manufacturing responsiveness. MES offersthe holistic solution that supports the entire value chain, from product development through production planning, production engineering and production execution to service. Execution of manufacturing applications is in the layer between the enterprise and control system, and provides visibility and control. Visibility and control means delivery of information, in a manner that enables optimized production. MES is the answer for resource planning, financial planning, inventory management and logistics. Storm offers ICONICS Manufacturing Intelligence Suite that fulfills the needs of Manufacturing Execution Systems.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) is crucial to guaranteeing overall component integration, ensuring maximum quality and production efficiency across all global facilities. Storm understands the challenges being faced by manufacturing industries, and offers robust MES systems with the integration of ICONICS and Honeywell as a solution.

MES offers the following benefits...

  • Easily maintain and schedule your production goals and reporting.
  • Provides for the real-time collection and historical storage of production data, available to you at any time for analysis
  • Product Traceability- For safety critical applications, such as in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries, meeting regulatory standards is supported.
  • Measure and Manage - Helps ease the management of resources, providing you with an overall view of your operations, from equipment effectiveness to asset management

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