There is a large gulf between what is being done and what could be done to improve energy efficiency.

“ Intelligent manufacturing: Targeting better energy efficiency ” is an Economist Intelligence Unit report that discusses and highlights the challenges that industrial manufacturers face as they target better energy efficiency in their manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing activities account for around one-third of the world's total final energy consumption. As the global population continues to expand and living standards continue to rise, demand for industrial goods is set to grow further. Among the numerous challenges around climate change that industry must tackle is industrial energy efficiency-targeting better efficiency of the manufacturing processes at the core of its activities (Abstract of the Report by Economist Intelligence Unit)

Taking a note of the above, Storm is actively propagating with the manufacturers and working closely with them to address the challenges our customers face managing their energy efficiently.

By providing a clear view of energy consumption patterns with the help of our solutions, we help companies with their energy conservation efforts. By visualizing, aggregating and summarizing energy usage by location and forecasting energy costs over time, organizations can identify how and where to optimize consumption. Energy optimization means cost savings for the organization, reduction of carbon footprint and an increase in sustainability.

With the help of our solutions, our customers will get benefitted in

  • Optimize Asset utilization
  • Totalization by site/area/facility
  • Integration with enterprise ERP
  • Meet with LEED and Energy Star standards
  • MIS reports

In an era of uncertainty in energy costs and environmental awareness, any manufacturing plant, building or facility will benefit from our solutions for sustainability.

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