Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI), or simply manufacturing intelligence (MI), is a term which applies to software used to bring a corporation's manufacturing-related data together from many sources for the purposes of reporting, analysis, visual summaries, and passing data between enterprise-level and plant-floor systems.

As data is combined from multiple sources, it can be given a new structure or context that will help users find what they need regardless of where it came from. The primary goal is to turn large amounts of manufacturing data into real knowledge and drive business results based on that knowledge.

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) offers many value propositions

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence provides industrial manufacturers with a means to

  • positively impact the bottom line through timely, better informed decisions about manufacturing operations
  • monitor real-time performance against business goals
  • provide a common view of all critical business and operational data from disparate sources throughout the enterprise

Most operations data is currently only available at the Plant level, Data is spread out among several applications/components and Data is not contextualized. Sometimes difficult to access Visualization, Reporting and Analysis are difficult and time consuming.

For large manufacturing operations with multiple plants and locations, our EMI solution addresses needs from planning to production, quality assurance, maintenance, asset and inventory management thus offering our customers the following benefits...

  • Combining multiple sources of information in the same report allows you to discover trends across disjointed systems in real-time.
  • With full time automated operation, reports are delivered with the right information to the right person when they need it.
  • Shortens the implementation time for greater return on investment and lowers total cost of ownership for multiple industries and applications.
  • Turn on template into hundreds of reporting possibilities. Empowers end users to perform their own “ What If ” analysis through ad hoc reporting and drill down capabilities.
  • Enables more efficient interaction with data to quickly get to the root cause of problems.

Storm offers sustainable solutions for Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence and for more information, or submit an inquiry.