Considering the climate change as one of the major challenges as its going to take global measures to minimise its effects, Storm carries the challenge to reduce energy consumption while maintaining capacity where its needed.

Storm is well-equipped to manage our client's building automation requirements offering a wide array of solutions.

Taking the back end control support from Honeywell's strong technology platform, Storm implements ICONICS SCADA solutions to derive a complete suite of solutions for Building automation to our customers.

Our solution provides the ability to integrate information from a broad range of equipment and systems used throughout your buildings today. ICONICS's continued integration of open communications standards, includingBACnet, extends your options for equipment suppliers now and in the future.

Storm is an independent integrator integrating ICONICS's building automation software and strives to provide integration to equipment and technology from all suppliers, thus addressing all pain areas of our customers in building automation.

Our solutions provide communication with all major protocols, creates Centralized User interface, Web interface and Unified Management System to our clients.

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